The Project

The Barn Regeneration Project aims to create a New Carbon Neutral Community Hall for Hatfield and beyond.

Current Building

Our project involves the replacement of "The Barn", a community hall, which has become an essential part of the social fabric of this community having served the residents of Hatfield and surrounding areas for over 70 years. It's location is at the heart of the community, close to all main amenities eg Post Office, pubs, shops, school, church, library etc. The present building is owned in trust for Hatfield Church PCC and over the years has been used for a wide variety of activities, meetings and community events including supper clubs, local history group, mums and toddlers, gentle exercise group and charity fund raising.

Over the years time and again events have been restricted due to the limited size of the current building. Many groups have expressed a desire for a larger venue available for them to hire. Furthermore this has also limited the range of activities that could be accommodated.

We are excited by the prospect of providing a brand new community building which will incorporate many new eco-friendly features including super insulated walls, an airsource heat pump, solar PVs, keeping running costs to a minimum. We believe it will create an exemplar project of national significance. The variety of activities that are able to take place will be maximised by the flexibility of the internal space.

Our new carbon neutral community building, fit for the 21st Century, will enable increased use by local groups, strengthening the capacity of third sector organisations working across the locality, reducing the risk of social isolation.

Front of Proposed New Community Building

No other project we are aware of in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council region seems to come close to meeting, let alone exceeding, the targets and recommendations, and this low carbon application would be a positive exemplar demonstration project of National significance.

The project was included in a community survey sponsored by Hatfield Town Council culminating in the development of the Hatfield Town Plan. In response to this survey, over 91 % of residents who expressed an opinion agreed that the proposed new building would be of benefit to the community of Hatfield. Last year, The Barn was used by 43 separate community groups with a total of 264 events or meetings held in the building. The multi-purpose design of the new building will enable more groups to meet and it will have the capability for activities to take place concurrently, which is not possible in the current Barn.

This new building will create increased capacity for third sector organisations, to offer services and activities to the community.

Hatfield is situated within the Metropolitan District of Doncaster; the Town Council serves the communities of Hatfield, Hatfield Woodhouse, Dunscroft & Dunsville; which collectively are home to c. 16,000 residents, 3,972 of whom live in Hatfield and 6,541 in Dunscroft. The IMD rank for Hatfield is 8644/12660 (1 being least deprived parish). The most significant poverty-related issues in the parish are the relatively low male life expectancy and relatively low qualification levels.

Rear of Proposed Building onto the Barn Field

The Barn Regeneration Steering Group has been working hard. We have listened to the thoughts, ideas and comments, from a number of local consultations, helping us to create a building that can significantly enhance the life of the Hatfield community whilst responding to the sensitive historic context close to the Church of St Lawrence which dates mainly from the 12th and 15th centuries. Consultation events included both daytime and evening special neighbourhood forums when local people commented and contributed to both the design and layout of a new building and its impact on the local community and environment. The feedback has been extremely supportive.

Its situation allows for improved access and car parking, whilst connecting more with the surrounding Barn Field. This has the added benefit of being able to continue to use the current Barn until the new building is complete.

The hall will have the flexibility to be used as a single unit or divided for smaller more intimate meetings. The whole complex, including its catering facilities has been designed to maximise the variety of activities that can take place within the building.

Eco Arc Architects were chosen to design our building because of their renowned experience in designing environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. Our building is designed as a carbon neutral building.

In June 2013 the project moved a step closer after Doncaster planners approved Eco Arc's exciting design.

A cost assessment was completed giving us an idea of the final cost of the new building and a target for fundraising.

For so long there's been talk of replacing the current building. We have so many people to thank who have helped to get to this stage. Thank you for this and your continued support moving this project forward.