The Original Barn

The Barn has been owned in trust by the Church since 1903 (Firstly for the Haydon Trust and now for Hatfield Parochial Church Council)

It has been used for over 70 years for a wide variety of activities such as a school room, for church meetings and many community groups and events, even as the reception venue for a local wedding.

The present community building called “The Barn” was remodelled in the late 1960's when the building was altered.

It is now too small for our needs. It holds a maximum of only 40 people. The building suffers from various problems due to its construction including rising damp.

For over 30 years there has been talk of creating a bigger building to meet the needs of the Church and Community in Hatfield. When the Vicarage development was being talked about it was decided that this would be the ideal opportunity to create this much needed addition.

The Barn Regeneration Steering Group (BRSG) was setup to advise the Haydon Trust and PCC. It was agreed that the PCC would make final decisions. The BRSG has been working hard. We have listened to the thoughts, ideas and comments, from a number of local consultations.

The project was included in a community survey supported by Hatfield Town Council culminating in the development of the Hatfield Village Plan. In response to this survey, over 91 % of residents who expressed an opinion agreed that the proposed new building would be of benefit to the community of Hatfield.

A popular event is the Saturday Coffee Morning

In one year, The Barn was used by 43 separate community groups with a total of 264 events or meetings held in the building. The multi-purpose design of the new building will enable more groups to meet and for activities to take place concurrently, which is not possible in the current Barn.

The project will create a building that can significantly enhance the life of the Hatfield community whilst responding to the sensitive historic context close to the Church of St Lawrence which dates mainly from the 12th and 15th centuries. Consultation events included both daytime and evening special neighbourhood forums when local people commented and contributed to both the design and layout of a new Centre and its impact on the local community and environment. The feedback has been extremely supportive.

The Alterations in the 1960's

Eco Arc's plans are due to be submitted to Doncaster planners. Approval of this exciting design will keep the project moving forward and making ia step closer.

A cost assessment was completed giving us an idea of the final cost of the new building and a target for fundraising.

We have had many events and are organising many more (sign up to our Newsletter to be kept up to date with News and Events) as well as applying for funding.

We have so many people to thank who have helped to get the project to this stage. Thank you for this and your continued support moving this project forward.